Are you a Building Owner?

24/7/365 Emergency Central Station Connection

Additionally, provides 24/7/365 Fire Department local office connection by state-of-the-art central station connection services. 

Commercial Products

Protect your building, facility, or campus with the latest and most up-to-date fire alarm products, technologies, and services.

Fire Safety Director

Fire Codes require Fire Safety Directors (FSD) or a Responsible Owner/Representative for any commercial high-rise building, campus or industrial site.

Violation Resolution can provide you with a detailed analysis and assessment of your facilities’ compliance with fire codes...

Document Retrieval Evaluation & Review

Having all of the documentation required for a spot inspection by a FDNY field inspector is essential. Do not subject yourself to summons or fines! Using’s team of Engineers & Expeditors.

Wi-Fi Coverage Offering

All institutions require a powerful yet easy to use network that delivers stable internet access all the time, even while under heavy load.

Cellular Signals Offering

Whether your building is a single-story unit, an office campus, or a high-rise, will ensure you have the cell signal strength you need to get the job done.

Pre-Maintenance Inspection

The purpose of the Fire Alarm System Pre-Maintenance Inspection is to visually and operationally inspect, test & evaluate the condition of the system... Forum’s Forum is here for you to post questions and to find answers that our community and experts will provide. From compatibility, to maintenance, to’s own services and offerings! Come be a part of this community.