A FireAlarm.com Service EXAMPLE. Check out all of our services right here!

A new client just purchased a 5-story building in Flushing, New York for his brand-new business. He spent the last two years brainstorming and setting up the business plan for his new application start-up company. He is consulting with a construction manager, a contractor, an engineer, an architect, an electrician and others, in the hopes to make sure all of his building’s needs are being checked. He’s been told that he needs to install a fire alarm system even while working on the renovation. This client now needs to find a trustworthy company that can install a new fire alarm system for him.  

The engineer suggests that this client contacts FireAlarm.com because of all the fire & life safety services they provide. The client calls FireAlarm.com and speaks with a FireAlarm.com Sales Manager, and receives all of the information regarding FireAlarm.com’s fire alarm system options. The Sales Manager informs the client that he can use the New Fire Alarm System Installation Service in order to install either a permanent or temporary fire alarm system – the client decides to go with the former.

FireAlarm.com begins their installation process from start to finish. First, FireAlarm.com sends a crew of technicians to gather information on the client’s building, including floor plans, HVAC fan types, elevator info, etc. This information is used as the groundwork for our plans, and will be outlined accordingly. Using all of this information, Firealarm.com’s Licensed Professional Engineer creates a proposed fire alarm system design, tailored specifically for Peter’s building currently be renovated.

Upon the client’s approval, these design drawings are then created and filed with the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB), and the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), by FireAlarm.com. Using these approved-drawings, FireAlarm.com creates a set of in-hour engineering shop drawings, all based on a Non-Proprietary Fire Alarm Control Panel system architecture. These drawings are subsequently reviewed and approved by FireAlarm.com’s Engineer of Record for the client’s building.

After renovations on the client’s building are underway, FireAlarm.com sub-contracts a local NYC electrical contractor in order to begin the electrical install of the client’s new fire alarm system. As the electrical work is underway, FireAlarm.com also sends in their own team of fire alarm technicians in order to being installation and programming of the fire alarm panel and its related peripherals. All detectors, manual stations, horn/strobes, etc. are programmed by FireAlarm.com. On top of this, the client also requested a panel that can tie into his security system, which FireAlarm.com is able to do.

After a few months, and close to the end of the client’s building’s renovations, FireAlarm.com and their electrical contractor finish installation on the client’s new fire alarm system – the system is completely programmed, tied-in, turned-up, tested, and commissioned. Soon after, the client’s brand-new system is inspected and approved by the FDNY – all filing documents and certifications are created and given to the client by FireAlarm.com.

With that, the client’s newly-renovated building is finished, and has a state-of-the-art, approved fire alarm system, that is sophisticated and is tied into his building’s other systems. Just like that, you yourself, or your business, can use FireAlarm.com’s layered services to get the end result that you need – all it takes is a simple call, email, or text to FireAlarm.com, and we’ll guide you every step of the way, while saving as much money as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this example of what it would be like working with FireAlarm.com and having us install a brand-new system for you! Thanks for tuning in – until next time!

PLEASE NOTE: This blog is meant to serve as an example on one potential way to work with FireAlarm.com – as such, this content is 100% fictional.