Advanced AX-ANN-C


Red Remote Control Annunciator – Style 4

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Brand: Advanced Part #: 2814 Category: Manufacturer Part #: AX-ANN-C


The Ax series Remote Annunciators are based around two core products.

The AxisAX annunciator only and the AxisAX with annunciation and programmable full function control.

Both units are based around the latest flash based technology and share a common graphical LCD user interface with the Ax-series fire alarm control panels.

The units communicate over the fault tolerant, style 7, ‘Ad-Net-Plus’ network which is a true peer to peer system with full cross node reporting, control and cause and effect functionality of up to 1000 zones.

The level of information displayed is fully programmable by individual zone or sector and individual units can be configured to display any combination of fires, troubles, supervisory, or other alarms.


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Dimensions 8.50 × 11.75 × 1.25 in

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