Alarm Controls AES-100

Electric Strike

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Brand: Alarm Controls
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SKU: 21540
Manufacturer Part #: AES-100


Designed for heavy-duty applications, the all-in-one AES-100 offers dual voltage and field selectable fail secure/fail safe operation.  Deep latch cavity accommodates cylindrical locksets with a 5/8″ to 3/4″ throw in steel, wood or aluminum frames.


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▪ BHMA Grade 1

▪ UL 1034 Burglary Resistant, 1500 lb. static strength

▪ Static strength 70 ft-lbs. Dynamic strength endurance rating 500,000 UL tested, 1,500,000 factory tested

▪ Strike depth 1-1/2”

▪ Field selectable, fail safe/fail secure

▪ Dual voltage 12/24 VAC or VDC, continuous duty operation on DC

▪ Fully reversible for right or left hand doors

▪ Mounting kit includes two 4-7/8” stainless steel face plates (one round corner and one square corner)

▪ Current draw 12 VAC 130mA, 24 VAC 70mA

▪ Current draw 12 VDC 210mA, 24 VDC 105mA

▪ 7-7/16” round corner strike plate available.


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