Bosch Security FAP-440-TC

Analog detector head, photo/heat/CO
Analog photo/heat/CO detector used with FAA-440 bases and FAP-1000 fire panel

    Brand: Bosch Security Part #: 050516 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: FAP-440-TC


    The FAP‐440 Analog Detectors are open-area smoke detectors of which some models are enhanced with heat or heat and CO sensors. The detectors work with the FPA‐1000 Analog Addressable Fire Panels. Use the detectors with the FAA‐440 bases to provide general life safety and property protection.


    Weight 0.40 lbs
    Dimensions 2.00 × 4.40 × 4.40 in


    Detection Method

    , ,

    Thermal Rating



    • Smoke threshold is adjustable and automatically compensated
    • Rotary switch addressing
    • Flexible work modes determined by the control panel
    • Selectable base locking mechanism prevents malicious removal of the detector
    • Multi‐criteria or multi‐sensor technology reduces false alarms


    FAP-440 Analog Detectors
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    Analog Detectors and Bases; FAP-440/FAH-440 Detector Series | FAA-440 Base Series
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