Brasch GDCP-A

Control Panel for Up to 20 Gas Transmitters

  • Factory New
  • Material Obsolete Part #: 71942 Category: Manufacturer Part #: GDCP-A


The Brasch GDCP-A Multi-Zone Control Panel is ideal for large areas necessitating multiple sensing locations. The standard system can simultaneously monitor any combination of up to twenty Brasch GSE-xx-TRA sensors, and control up to six ventilation zones. Each of the zones can control any combination of the sensors, giving the user complete flexibility from a central location. Programmable features controlled by a tactile feedback keypad and liquid crystal display include: sensor type, ventilation equipment type, alert actuation concentrations, and delay times for each sensor and zone. Other features are manual ventilation control with three week-day and three weekend automatic time settings, and software activation or lockout of specific sensors or zones.


Weight 1 lbs




Production Status



  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Electrically Isolated
  • LCD Readout
  • Tactile Feedback Keypad
  • Static Discharge Protection
  • Low Voltage Writing for Daisy Chaining Sensors
  • Power Loss Fail-Safe
  • Battery Backup for Memory and Clock
  • Corrosion Resistant Locking Enclosure with Keys
  • Full Factory Calibration


Multi-Zone Control Panel; GDCP-A
Brasch – Data Sheet