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Audio Terminal Panel Interface

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EST3 supports centralized (banked) amplifier configurations for Mass Notification/Emergency Communication (MNEC), life safety, and emergency signaling.

Model 3-ZA20 Zoned Amplifiers at the EST3 control panel provide a channel source(s) for banked amplifiers. The 3-ZA20 amplifiers can select any one (at a time) of the EST3 eight audio channels as a signal source. Examples include; page, alert and evacuation. Standby Amplifier(s) are an option.

Special interface modules, the 3-ATPINT, or MN-ABPM panel-mount, accept analog audio signals @ 25 or 70 Vrms from EST3’s zoned amplifiers and passes these signals to the 1B3-125 and 1B3-250 audio power amplifiers via an Amplifier Terminal Panel (ATP). The 3-ATPINT can pass supervised audio signals to other ATPlNTs within a local amplifier bank or to other remote banks of amplifiers. The 3-ATPINT mounts on the ATP.

The ATP Audio Terminal Panel interfaces one or two audio power amplifiers and monitors utility power, charges and supervises standby batteries, and provides switch-over to standby. Audio risers connect at this panel. It also has an integral trouble signal and silence switch.

The EST3 System monitors and controls the amplifier bank through Signature series modules such as the SIGA-CT1 or 2 input modules and the SIGA-CR control relay. MR-201/C or MN-204/C relays provide DPDT contacts for switching power amplifier risers when a system has standby amplifiers.

SIGA-CC1 (Single Channel) or CC2 (Dual Channel) output control modules command and supervise each audio circuit or zone. The SIGA-RM1 Riser Monitor Module provides audio riser supervision.

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