Edwards EST EC20RRU-3


Low-profile Plug-in Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector

Available With a Lead Time


EC Series low-profile plug-in heat detectors measure-up to the quality and performance standards that have made Edwards fire detection products the industry’s best price-performance buy available today. Meticulously engineered to deliver high-performance features, superb reliability, and unbeatable quality, EC Series heat detectors are a low-cost solution for electronic conventional heat detection applications.

The installation and maintenance advantages of EC Series heat detectors add value to these products throughout their service life. Their twist-and-lock design makes short work of installation and maintenance operations. A plastic breakout on the detector housing optionally prevents removal from the base except with a special tool.

A bright, easy-to-see LED on the detector glows steady when it is in alarm, thus eliminating much of the guesswork responding to front-panel indications. If a detector is removed for any reason while the panel is in its normal state, a zone trouble condition will result. This ensures the integrity of the alarm system at all times.

EC Series heat detectors are manufactured to strict international ISO 9001 standards. All electronics employ surface mount technology (SMT) for smaller size and greater immunity to RF noise. A corrosion-resistent conformal coating is used to seal components against dust and humidity.

The EC20RRU-3 also has an alarm threshold of 135° F (58° C), but it incorporates an advanced rate compensation sensing element that causes the detector to become more sensitive when an increase in the rate of temperature rise is detected.

Datasheet: EC20RRU-3

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in



Heat Sensing Element

Fixed Temperature, Rate-of-Rise

Material Qualities

Fire Retardant, High Impact Resistance

Operating Temperature Range

32°F – 100°F

Operating Voltage

14 – 30 VDC


Standards & Approvals


Storage Temperature Range

32°F – 120°F

Thermal Rating



  • Rate-compensated technology
    Reduces the effects of thermal lag that slows the response of standard rate-of-rise and fixed temperature detectors.
  • At-a-glance alarm indication
    An on-board high-intensity LED glows bright red when the unit is in alarm, making response a simple and straightforward operation.
  • Non-polarized
    Simplifies installation of field wiring.
  • Simple to install, difficult to vandalize
    Twist-and-lock design saves installation and maintenance time. Field-configurable locking mechanism prevents unauthorized removal.
  • Flexible mounting options
    Compatible standard base mounts to 1-gang, 4” octagonal, BESA, or European single-gang boxes.
  • Attractive appearance with clean, modern lines
    Low-profile design blends easily with surroundings, extending less than 2 1⁄2” (61 mm) from the ceiling, including base.

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