Edwards EST SWU-8

SAN Module, Eight Toggle Switches with Two Yellow LEDs per Switch

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The SWU-8 is a SAN module that contains eight toggle switches and 16 yellow LEDs. Each switch has two yellow LEDs adjacent to it. Each switch generates a change of state to the FACP when activated which may be used to activate outputs in the system as defined in the data base. The two LEDs that are adjacent to each switch are data base activated and are not directly connected to any particular switch position. The module contains a legend pocket and sheet to type the function of each LED and switch. The Switch and LED combination is typically used for telephone circuits; one LED annunciates a call in, the switch when activated places the remote phone on-line and the second LED annunciates a connected call. This module may be used for a variety of applications including: door bypass with status, audible circuit silence with active and trouble status, paging control with active and trouble status, manual overrides with status, etc.


Weight 2 lbs

Edwards, EST

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SAN Serial Annunciators; SAN-4, SAN-8, RSAN-6

EST - Data Sheet

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