Edwards Signaling E-2WIRE

Analog Class A-B Two-Wire Module

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Brand: Edwards Signaling
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Manufacturer Part #: E-2WIRE


Edwards intelligent modules are engineered to deliver high-performance features, superb reliability, and unbeatable quality. From control of ancillary equipment, to enhanced signaling functionality, these products add flexibility and powerful options to Edwards Signaling intelligent systems.

The E-2WIRE module interfaces between conventional two-wire smoke detectors and the Edwards Signaling control panel. It monitors the circuit and smoke detectors, and signals the control panel of any trouble or alarm conditions. The module also regulates and supervises the 24 VDC input power.

The E-2WIRE is configured to operate as a two-wire alarm device that does not require alarm verification. It can be set for two-wire alarm verified operation through front panel programming or the configuration utility. When using the alarm verification feature of the control panel, do not mix normally open contact initiating devices with two-wire conventional smoke detectors.

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