Edwards Signaling E-NAC

Analog NAC Module

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Edwards intelligent modules are engineered to deliver high-performance features, superb reliability, and unbeatable quality. From control of ancillary equipment, to enhanced signaling functionality, these products add flexibility and powerful options to Edwards Signaling intelligent systems.

The E-NAC connects a supervised output circuit to a signal riser. The output wiring is monitored for open and short circuits. A short circuit causes the module to inhibit the activation of the audible/visual signal circuit so the riser is not connected to the wiring fault. Upon command from the control panel, the module connects the output circuit to the riser input. The output circuit energizes a riser to operate polarized audible and visual signals. The module can be used for connection of a Class A or Class B (with EOL) output notification appliance circuit (NAC).

The E-NAC module is configured to operate as a Continuous Silenceable device type from the factory. It can also be configured for other device types, such as Genesis (for synchronization of Edwards Genesis series strobes) through front panel programming or the configuration utility.

Genesis Audible/Visual/Silence: Used with Genesis and Enhanced Integrity horns and strobes. Signals maintain synchronization per UL 1971. For Genesis devices, this configuration allows connected horns to be silenced while strobes on the same two-wire circuit continue to flash until the panel is reset.

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