Fike IG71-076


Manifold Safety Disc Outlet

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Brand: Fike Part #: 126767 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: IG71-076


When utilizing multiple cylinders or a “Connected Reserve” supply of cylinders in a common cylinder bank a discharge manifold is necessary. Multiple cylinders may be connected to a common discharge manifold to allow delivery of agent through a single piping network. Fike does NOT manufacture / offers pre-assembled Discharge Manifolds. Each manifold is designed to be connected to the cylinder via a Check Valve and Discharge Hose and comes ready assembled.

Mount the discharge manifold to a solid structural member such as the racking uprights using pipe clamps or U-bolts, the manifold should not be supported by the cylinders. Care must be taken to ensure that the manifold is not located at a height or location that is not compatible with the length of the discharge bend(s). Mount manifold with inlet for discharge hose with check valve oriented downward as illustrated above. Approximate distance from the cylinder valve outlet and the center line of the manifold piping is 9” to 12” (229 to 305 mm). The manifold piping should be secured with pipe hangers or brackets to support the manifold when the cylinders are removed for service. For multi row racking a separate manifold shall be used for each row. These will be joined at the ends.



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