G.R.I. Telemark RB-01-W

Roller Ball Contact, Closed Loop, White

Condition: New
Brand: G.R.I. Telemark
Status: Active
SKU: 27323
Manufacturer Part #: RB-01-W

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Weight 1 lbs

George Risk Industries, Inc.




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  • G.R.I.’s Roller Ball switch is a unique application of the magnetic reed, combining into a single package mechanical plunger action and the reliability of a hermetically sealed switch.
  • The ball plunger can be activated from any direction within 360 degrees, using a sliding motion such as that produced by the opening or closing of a door or window into its frame. But they also have been used very effectively as an interior trap device by mounting on a flat surface, such as a display table, and placing the protected object directly on the switch to conceal and actuate the roller ball. G.R.I. Roller Ball switches can work when nothing else will.


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