Gamewell-FCI ABD-2F

Single-ended beam smoke detector

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The Gamewell-FCI Velociti®  Series, ABD-2F addressable projected beam smoke sensor is uniquely suited to sense smoke in hostile environments or open areas with high ceilings where spot-type sensors are unsuitable or difficult to install and maintain. It is intended for use in the signaling line circuits with the following subassemblies:  E3 Series®, ILI-MB-E3 and ILI-S-E3 (Velociti mode only), S3 Series, SLC-PM (Signaling Line Circuit-Personality Module) The ABD-2F consists of a combination transmitter/receiver unit and a reflector. When smoke enters the path between the unit and the reflector, it causes a reduction in the signal, and when the smoke level reaches the predetermined threshold, an alarm results. A unique single-ended reflective design offers simpler installation than the traditional transmitter and receiver types of beam sensors. Alignment is swiftly accomplished via an optical sight and a 2-digit signal strength meter integral with the product. Listed for operation from –22° F to 131° F, the ABD-2F can be installed in garages, warehouses and other hostile environments where temperature extremes exceed the capability of spot-type sensors.


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 3.3 in




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Product Notes

Replacement: OSI-RI-GW


  • Includes a single-ended, reflective design
  • Has six user-selectable sensitivity levels
  • Spans a 16 to 328 foot (4.9 to 99.9 m) detection range
  • Compatible with the E3 Series ILI-MB-E3 and ILI-S-E3 or the S3 Series, SLC-PM
  • Contains an integral sensitivity test feature (ABD-RT2F)
  • Designed with a digital display – no special tools required
  • Provides a user-friendly alignment procedure
  • Available with an optional Remote test station
  • Offers an integral automatic gain control that compensates for signal deterioration from dust build-up

Velociti Series ABD-2F and ABD-RT2F: Single-Ended Reflected Type Beam Smoke Detector


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