Honeywell HPFF8


Fire Alarm Control Panel Power Supply

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  • Factory New
  • Material Obsolete
Brand: Honeywell Part #: 80756 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: HPFF8


The Honeywell HPFF8 and HPFF8CM provide independent output circuit supervision so in the event of a NAC fault they can notify the attached FACP. In addition they have a trouble memory feature that displays past troubles (by NAC) for rapid diagnostics. Synchronization is built in for five appliance brands.


Weight 40.00 lbs
Dimensions 16.65 × 19.00 × 5.20 in


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Product Notes

Replacement: FL-PS10 or HPF-PS10


NAC Expander/Power Supply; HPFF8
Honeywell – Data Sheet