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XNX Universal Transmitter

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The XNX Universal Transmitter is a comprehensive gas detection system designed to operate in hazardous locations1 and utilize multiple sensor technologies, catalytic bead, electrochemical (EC), or infrared (IR) to detect toxic gases, flammable gases, and oxygen depletion gas hazards. Each technology has a dedicated personality board. Catalytic bead technology is used with the XNX mV personality board. Catalytic bead sensors respond to a wide variety of combustibles so are typically used for flammable gas detection. Electrochemical technology is used with the XNX electrochemical board. EC sensors measure toxic gases in low concentrations. The XNX EC sensors employ the patented Reflex™ cell fault diagnosis routine. Reflex™ checks for cell presence, cell dry-out, and cell open or short circuit. Reflex™ is automatically initiated by the transmitter at eight-hour intervals. It is also initiated on power up or sensor exchange. In the event of a cell failing this test, a sensor fault code is displayed. Reflex™ diagnostics occur in the first minutes of the power up sequence.


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XNX ® Universal Transmitter


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