LeGrand DT-300


Motion Sensor Dual Technology PIR

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The DT-300 Series Dual Technology Ceiling Sensors combine the benefits of passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technologies to detect occupancy. Sensors have a flat, unobtrusive appearance and provide 360 degrees of coverage. Low voltage DT-300 Series sensors utilize a WattStopper power pack to turn lights on when both PIR and ultrasonic technologies detect occupancy. They can also work with a low voltage switch for manual-on operation. PIR technology senses motion via a change in infrared energy within the controlled area, whereas ultrasonic uses 40KHz high frequency ultrasound. Once lights are on, detection by either technology holds them on. When no occupancy is detected for the length of the time delay, lights turns off. DT-300 Series Sensors can also be set to trigger lights on when either technology or both detect occupancy, or to require both technologies to hold lighting on.


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  • Advanced control logic based on RISC microcontroller provides:

– Detection Signature Processing eliminates false triggers and provides immunity to RFI and EMI

– Walk-through mode turns lights off three minutes after the area is initially occupied – ideal for brief visits such as mail delivery

– Available with built-in light level sensor featuring simple, one-step setup

  • Sensors work with low-voltage momentary switches to provide manual control
  • Patented ultrasonic diffusion technology spreads coverage to a wider area


Low Voltage Dual Technology Ceiling Sensors; DT-300 Series
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