Mimimax FMX5000 IR


Three-Channel Infrared Flame Detector with Three Way Optical Test

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Brand: Mimimax FireAlarm.com Part #: 93488 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: FMX5000


Uni­Vario FMX5000 IR is an ex­tremely ro­bust three-chan­nel in­frared flame de­tector with three-way op­tical test.

Des­pite the dis­turb­ance sources typ­ical for in­dus­trial ap­plic­a­tions, the Uni­Vario FMX5000 IR is ex­tremely fast at de­tect­ing flames. Hot ma­chine sur­faces, dir­ect sun ra­di­ation in ex­ter­ior sur­round­ings, and weld­ing op­er­a­tions are filtered by a spe­cial sensor com­bin­a­tion and in­tel­li­gent pro­cessing, while at the same time even the very small flames of an emer­ging fire are re­li­ably de­tec­ted and signaled as an alarm. With its three-way op­tical test, whereby all three sensors as well as the op­tical de­tector win­dow are mon­itored, the Uni­Vario FMX5000 IR is ex­tremely fail-safe.


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