Mircom TX3-CX-4K-A-256


Four Door Controller kit, Four Proximity Readers, Two Transformers, Configurator software and a USB cable

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Brand: Mircom FireAlarm.com Part #: 80856 Category: Manufacturer Part #: TX3-CX-4K-A-256


The TX3-CX-4K-A controller conveniently houses two 2-door controller boards providing a 4-door system kit. The chassis can hold up to four 2-door controller boards in total, providing the provision to add two additional 2-door controller boards to extend the number of doors.

The system comes with 4 TX3-P300-HA card readers and one IP module, which can allow property managers/programmers to program the system remotely. The system can also be connected with additional control panels using RS-485 (up to 63 boards). The chassis can house up to four batteries either 4 or 6 AH. 2 transformers are included for each control panel board.

TX3 Series Access Control System can integrate with all TX3 series control panels (Keypad Voice Entry, Touch Voice Entry, Elevator Restriction), making property managers life simple and easy.


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Voice Entry and Access Control; TX3 Series
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