Notifier XP6R


Transponder Relay Module, 6 Circuits Class A or B

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The Notifier XP6-R, six-relay control module provides an intelligent fire alarm system with six Form-C relays. The first module is addressed from 01 to 154 while the remaining modules are automatically assigned to the next five higher addresses. Provisions are included for disabling a maximum of three unused modules. A single isolated set of dry relay contacts is provided for each module address, which is capable of being wired for either a normally-open or normally-closed operation. The module allows the control panel to switch these contacts on command. No supervision is provided for the controlled circuit. Each XP6-R module has panel-controlled green LED indicators. The panel can cause the LEDs to blink, latch on, or latch off.


Weight 1.00 lbs



  • Six addressable Form-C relay contacts
  • Removable 12 AWG (3.25 mm²) to 18 AWG (0.9 mm²) plug-in terminal blocks
  • Status indicators for each point
  • Unused addresses may be disabled
  • Rotary address switches
  • FlashScan® or CLIP operation
  • Mount one or two modules in a BB-XP cabinet (optional)
  • Mount up to six modules on a CHS-6 chassis in a CAB-3 Series, CAB-4 Series, EQ Series, or BB-25 cabinet (optional)
  • Mounting hardware included


Six Relay Control Module; XP6-R(A)
Notifier – Data Sheet


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