Potter PFC-8500

127 Point Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

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The PFC-8500 Fire Control Panel has the capability of storing setpoints, adding and removing devices as well as defining operational behavior. All changes are stored in a configuration data file, which enables the user to easily configure the system from either the FACP or at a remote computer. This flexibility allows ongoing system upgrades and modifications to support building expansion and increased safety objectives.

The panel can be programmed to communicate with addressable modules and supports a total of 127 devices on a single SLC. The PFC-8500 may be expanded to support up to 508 devices when three (3) ALE-127 modules are configured. The panel also contains all the necessary terminals to communicate with all other system components directly, including smoke sensors, heat detectors, and modules.

The operator interface consists of a LCD display, system status LEDs, a local status buzzer, system control switches and a numeric keypad. The 80 character LCD display and system status LED’s communicate the latest system status information to the operator. The local buzzer audibly attracts the operator’s attention during status change occurrences.

The remote annunciator output provides the panel with the ability to interface to remote annunciators. The annunciator connection is a proprietary protocol operating over an RS-485 style communications bus.

The PFC supervises and maintains the 24 VDC batteries that supply secondary power for the system. The PFC has dedicated outputs for the ALE-127. The PFC also supplies 24 VDC output on auxiliary output terminal blocks for use by external devices such as option components (such as Remote Annunciator and Sounder Base), addressable output devices and 4-wire smoke detectors.


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