Power Sonic PALP-9HY


Lithium Power Sport Battery; Hyper Sport Series, 12.8V, 42Watts/Hour, 210CA (Lithium Cranking Amps)

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Brand: Power Sonic FireAlarm.com Part #: 102308 Category: Manufacturer Part #: PALP-9HYSecondary Part #: MLI9HY


The PALP-9HY is part of Hyper Sport Pro lithium powersport battery series which combines proven lithium technology with active intelligent monitoring, delivering a powersport battery that is 4 x lighter, 4 x faster charging and last 4 x longer than the equivalent lead acid battery. With its 210CA (Lithium Cranking Amps), 36 Wh(Watts-hour) and weighing just 0.91 kg the P PAL-14LHY is not only more powerful than the equivalent lead acid battery but it weighs up to 75% less as well! The ultra-light weight design will reduce the overall weight of your motorcycle, ATV or powersport vehicle, enabling faster acceleration and maximum performance.

At the heart of Hyper Sport Pro lithium battery is an integrated active management system that monitors and reacts to multiple voltage current, and temperature events to maximize performance, battery life and safety. All Hyper Sport Pro batteries are equipped with a push button voltage indicator enabling you to check the status of the battery voltage at a push of a button. The PALP-9HY utilizes lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry and as a result has a very low self-discharge, making it ideal for starting your powersport vehicle after long periods of non-use.


Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 5.90 × 3.42 × 4.13 in

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  • High performance LiFePO4 powersport battery
  • 4 x lighter – Reducing overall weight, enabling faster acceleration and maximum performance
  • 4 x longer life – Lower total cost of ownership when compared to lead acid batteries
  • 4 x faster charge time – Needs less charging, less often allowing you more time on the road
  • 4 x longer warranty – 2 years warranty as standard
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Push button voltage indicator
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) is the safest type of lithium battery and a ready to go replacement and upgrade from lead acid, AGM or gel

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Hyper Sport Pro Series; PALP-9HY


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