Rixson Smok-Chek VI

Smok-Chek VI Series Electrified Door Holder / Closer

Condition: New
Brand: Rixson
Status: Active
SKU: 17122
Manufacturer Part #: SMOK-CHEK-VI, 4PULL689
Secondary Part #: FS4PULL 120VAC RH 689


Designed for a variety of applications, fire/life safety closers and holders protect people and property. Rixson offers three distinctly different holding devices: the Smok-Chek V, Smok-Chek VI, and the Checkmate 99 series. The single-point electromechanical Smok-Chek V can be mounted on the push or pull side of the door and is best suited for cross corridor doors. The Smok-Chek VI can be ordered with or without a detector and is ideal for patient room doors using the free swing arm option. Checkmate 99, an electrified holder, is used with independent closers and can be mounted on the push or pull side of the door.

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