Siemens MOM-2

Network Option Module Card

Condition: New
Brand: Siemens
Status: Active
SKU: 121793
Manufacturer Part #: MOM-2
Secondary Part #: 500-892766


A Network Option Module Card Cage, the MOM-2 provides the MXL/MXL-IQ main unit or MXL remote units with card slots for option modules. Each MOM-2 supplies connection space for either one full-width option module (ALD-2I, CZM-4,NIM-1W, XLD-1) or two half-width option modules(CSM-4, CRM-4, CMI-300, MDACT, REP-1, NET-7).Note: only one CMI-300 may be used per MXL system. Only one MDACT may be used per MXL system. Modules are supplied with card guides. The MOM-2 also provides a means of connecting the option modules to the MXL network. It routes24V unfiltered/unregulated DC and 5 VDC to power the option modules. The DC is routed to the MOM-2 from the MMB-1/2 or SMB-1/2 main board or the PSR-1network supply. Screw terminals are mounted on the MOM-2 to provide easy access for field wiring connections. Screw terminals are also provided for connection to an auxiliary power supply for use with CSM-4 indicating circuits (when additional audible/visual power is required).The MOM-4 mounts in each of the MXL system backbones located at the main MXL, MXLR remote panel or MXL-IQ. Up to three MOM-4’s can be mounted in theMME-3, the standard MXL enclosure. Six MOM-4’scan be mounted in the large MXL enclosure, Model MLE-6. In each of these, if a TSP-40 strip printer is installed it requires one MOM-4 space. The MXL-IQ enclosure, Model MSE-3L can house one MOM-4. UL and ULC Listed, and CSFM, NYMEA, FM and City of Chicago Approved.

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Network-Option Module Card Cage


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