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Zone Indicating Card

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Brand: Siemens Part #: H02B-6122 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: ZIC-4ASecondary Part #: 500-033050


Designed for use on a Siemens Modular (or FireFinder XLS) control panel, the Zone Indicating Card ZIC-4A provides four (4) fully supervised programmable output circuits. Model ZIC-4A supplies four (4) Class B (Style Y) or Class A (Style Z) type output circuits, power limited to 4.0 amps maximum per circuit. Each circuit can be independently programmed for use with listed audible or visual notification appliances; listed emergency audio speakers; municipal-tie boxes; leased lines, or as releasing circuits. Model ZIC-4A plugs into one (1) slot in a Model CC-5 or CC-2 card cage, and has on-board light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for system status and troubleshooting. Indication of power; communication; internal operation, and ground fault conditions are provided, as well as indication of circuit activation or Trouble conditions. Each circuit or output may be controlled automatically with system logic programmed with the ZEUS programming tool or manually using a Siemens Modular (or FireFinder XLS) keypad found on the front of the panel’s central processor unit.


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Zone-Indicating Card; Model ZIC-4A


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