Silent Knight 5129


Communicator, 4-Channel, Red Cabinet

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  • Factory New
Brand: Silent Knight Part #: 81129 Category: Manufacturer Part #: 5129


The 5128/29 fire communicators provide four fully supervised channel inputs to monitor UL listed fire alarm systems. The 5128 comes in a vinyl and acrylic enclosure for mounting in the fire alarm control panel (FACP) cabinet. The 5128 can report AC power trouble using a dry contact active high voltage input. The 5129 comes in a metal cabinet for surface mounting near the FACP. The 5129 can monitor AC voltage directly


Weight 6.00 lbs
Dimensions 3.00 × 10.1 × 10.4 in



  • UL listed as a slave fire communicator for connection to UL listed 24 VDC local FACPs
  • Four fully supervised input channels programmable as voltage input active high or low or as a contact closure input
  • Dual phone line interface and line fault monitors
  • Automatic 24 hour test
  • Reports in most major communication formats
  • Compact size of 5128 allows mounting in most local FACPs
  • Easy to install and service
  • Program the 5128 to report FACP AC trouble immediately or delay reporting from 6 to 12 hours
  • Set up direct FACP AC monitoring from the FACP’s main power input with the 5129
  • Onboard nonsilencing audible alarm
  • Program remotely, view current status, and change the 24 hour test time with a PC running DOS and Silent Knight 5541 software (5530 modem also required)


5128/5129 Slave; Fire Communicator
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