Silent Knight IFP-2000

Intelligent Analog/Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

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The IFP-2000 is an intelligent analog/addressable fire alarm control panel (FACP). The basic IPF-2000 panel contains one built in signaling line circuit (SLC), which can support 159 IDP sensors and 159 IDP modules or 127 SD devices per loop. Additional SLC loops can be added using the model 5815XL SLC expander to increase the overall point capacity to a maximum of 636 points per panel.

IFP-2000 has the interconnection capability for up to 16 panels. The system has two modes of operation, Multiple panels covering one larger building, or multiple independent buildings.

RPS-2000 is used in a networked system, where at least one IFP-2000 is in the system. It is the same as IFP-2000 without the display.

IFP-2000 has eight on-board Flexput circuits that be be configured for auxiliary power, notification outputs, or for conventional smoke detector inputs (Class A or Class B). The FACP also has a built-in, dual-line digital fire communicator, Form C trouble relay, and two programmable Form C relays. IFP-2000 has powerful features such as detector sensitivity, day/night thresholds, drift compensation, pre-trouble maintenance alert, and calibration trouble alert.

IFP-2000 supports a variety of devices, including RA-2000 remote annunciator, 5824 serial/parallel printer interface module (for event logging system reports), RPS-1000 intelligent power module, and IDP or SD protocol SLC devices.


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  • Built-in support for up to 159 IDP sensors and 159 IDP modules or 127 SD devices SLC devices. SLC expander will increase overall capacity to 636 points per IFP-2000 panel.
  • RPS-2000 is used in a networked system where at least one IFP-2000 is in the system.
  • Up to 16 IFP-2000 or RPS-2000 panels can be networked providing up to 10,176 total points.
  • Networked panels can be configured to emulate a large virtual system or can be segmented into separate sites for multiple building applications.
  • Built-in UL listed digital communicator for remote reporting of system activity and system programming.
  • 9.0A of output power is available through 8 sets of terminals for notification and auxiliary applications per panel.
  • Supports Class B (Style 4) and Class A (Style 6 or Style 7) configuration for SLC, and SBUS.
  • JumpStart auto programming allows for faster set up time by selecting default options for many programming tasks.
  • System automatically tests IDP addressable tasks.
  • 999 software zones and 999 output groups.
  • Flexput I/O circuits configurable for auxiliary power, notification outputs, or conventional smoke detector inputs. Notification circuits can be configured as Class A (Style Z) or Class B (Style Y). 2- and 4-wire smoke detectors can be configured as Class A (Style D) or Class B (Style B).
  • Two RS-485 buses provide communication to system accessories.
  • Built-in USB interface for programming.
  • Dedicated Form C trouble relay and two general purpose Form C programmable relays rated at 2.5 amps at 24 VDC.
  • 13 preset notification cadence patterns (including ANSI 3.41) and four user programmable patterns.
  • Four line LCD display with 40 characters per line.
  • Built-in synchronization for appliances from AMSECO, Gentex, System Sensor, and Wheelock.
  • Programmable date setting for Daylight Savings Time.
  • The IFP-2000 / RPS-2000 can be surface or flush mounted.
  • Four programmable function keys.

Scalable Analog/Addressable Fire Alarm Control System: IFP-2000 / RPS-2000

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