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RPS-1000 intelligent distributed power module adds 6.0 amps of power, six Flexput™ I/O circuits, and two Form C relay circuits to a compatible Farenhyt addressable system. RPS1000 connects to the FACP via the RS-485 system bus allowing up to an additional 6,000 feet of wiring. Each RPS1000 is optically isolated providing ground loop isolation and transient protection. RPS-1000 supports its own backup battery and monitors the AC power. The Flexput circuits can be programmed as notification appliance circuits, continuous, resettable, or door holder power, or as conventional initiation circuits for 2 or 4-wire smoke detectors and contact devices (e.g. pull stations).


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  • Six onboard Flexput circuits programmable for:
  • Notification appliance circuits (Class B/Style Y & Class A/Style Z)
  • Conventional initiation circuits (Class B/Style B & Class A/Style D) both 2- and 4-wire
  • Auxiliary power (for door holders, continuous power, or resettable power)
  • 6.0 amps output power
  • Supports Class A (Style 6) and Class B (Style 4) configuration of the SBUS
  • Two Form C programmable relays rated at 2.5A @ 24 VDC
  • Ground loop isolation and transient protection
  • Provides SBUS optical isolation and re-conditions the RS485 signal
  • Built-in synchronization for appliances from System Sensor®, AMSECO, Gentex®, Faraday, and Wheelock®
  • Up to 6,000 foot wiring distance from the RPS-1000
  • Battery charging capacity is 35 Ah
  • Large cabinet size can house two 18 Ah backup batteries or RBB accessory cabinet can house battery sizes larger that 18 Ah
  • Room to mount two 5815XL SLC expander modules


6 Amp Intelligent Distributed Power Module
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