Simplex 4100-5313

Enhanced Power Supply (EPS) with IDNet 2 Module

Condition: New
Brand: Simplex
Status: Active
SKU: 47866
Manufacturer Part #: 4100-5313


EPS Power Supplies provide three, 3 A IDNAC SLCs for control and power to TrueAlert ES and TrueAlert addressable notification appliances. Both power supplies incorporate an efficient switching design that provides a regulated output of 29 VDC, even during battery operation. With 29 VDC minimum output at the panel, addressable notification SLCs can support wiring distances 2 to 3 times farther than available with conventional notification, or support more appliances per SLC, or work with smaller gauge wiring, or combinations of these benefits, all resulting in installation and maintenance savings with high assurance that appliances that operate during normal system testing will operate during worst case alarm conditions.

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