Simplex 4190-8410

TrueSite Workstation Remote Client; agency listed control capability requires supervision and connection to a dedicated Fire Alarm LAN

Note: The TrueSite Workstation PC has 2 Ethernet ports. On ES Net networks, the ES Net NIC connection uses (1) Ethernet port leaving (1) Ethernet port available for a connection to either an agency listed (dedicated) Fire Alarm LAN or a customer’s LAN (not both). Refer to data sheet S4190-0018 for additional information on Fire Alarm Network Ethernet Switches.

    Brand: Simplex Part #: 47918 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: 4190-8410


    TrueSite Workstations provide annunciation, status display, and control for Simplex Fire Alarm Networks using a personal computer based graphical interface with a high resolution, color display. Response buttons with realistic icons provide control switches specific to the operation being performed.


    Weight 1.00 lbs


    For use as an Annunciator under: UL 864 and ULC-S527 Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems


    TrueAlarm Fire Alarm System: Fire Alarm Network Annunciators TrueSite Workstations; Version 6.01
    Simplex TrueSite Workstation: Installation & Checkout Instructions