Space Age Electronics BSC

Building Smoke Control Annunciator

    Brand: Space Age Electronics Part #: 10474 Category: Manufacturer Part #: BSC


    The most effective and successful Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) incorporates smoke control capability, ensuring optimization of life safety procedures. The BSC Graphic Smoke Control Annunciator is the key component in the EOP. This “Command Center” provides authorized building personnel and firefighters a consistent, recognizable format ensuring instant control and override authority of mechanical smoke control systems. Smoke control capability over the complete smoke control system equipment within the building ensures optimization of life safety procedures by means of reliable manual air control and status of the remote equipment. The building’s arrangement and smoke control zones are graphically depicted on the BSC and indicate the status of each zone with back-lit illumination, high-intensity LED point indication and appropriate legends.


    Weight 1.00 lbs


    • The National Electric Code (NEC)
    • The Local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
    • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) series 72A thru H, and NFPA 92A
    • UUKL listed with proper configuration
    • UL listed under standard #864 as a fire alarm control accessory
    • UUKL listed with proper configuration


    BSC Building Smoke Control Annunciator
    Space Age Electronics – Data Sheet

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