Space Age SSU-PAM-1

Multi-Voltage Series Relay, 10A, Spdt, Encapsulated Enclosure

Condition: New
Brand: Space Age Electronics
Status: Active
SKU: 81369
Manufacturer Part #: SSU-PAM-1


The PAM Series Relays are encapsulated multi-voltage devices with “flying” leads that offer versatile, reliable performance in a convenient package. Several of the versions provide a red LED which, when illuminated, indicates coil energization. The PAM Series Relays are packaged with a self-tapping screw and a piece of double sided tape for easy installation almost anywhere. The relays are also packaged with wire-nuts to aid installation. PAM Relays are ideal for applications where remote relays are required for control or status feedback. They are suitable for use with HVAC, temperature control, fire alarm, security, energy management, lighting control systems and building automation systems.

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Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 0.50 × 1.20 × 0.90 in



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PAM; Multi-Voltage Relay Modules
Space Age – Data Sheet


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