System Sensor B210LPBP


6″ Flanged Mounting Base Bulk Pack

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To meet local code and application requirements, System Sensor offers relay, isolator, and sounder base options for 200 Series detectors. Relay bases provide one form C contact relay for control of auxiliary functions, such as door closure and elevator recall. Isolator bases allow loops to continue to operate under fault conditions and automatically restore when the fault is removed. Sounder bases are available in a combination temporal 3 and continuous tone model (B200SR) or an addressable model (B200S) that can be activated by the fire alarm control panel based on the event.

200 Series Bases provide a variety of mounting options to meet your installation challenges. Bases come in flanged or flangless versions for mounting to a variety of junction boxes. See the 200 Series Junction Box Selection Guide for junction box options. Surface mounting boxes are also available.


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  • Bases enable quick and secure detector plug-in
  • SEMS screws provide easy wiring connection
  • Support for 12-24 AWG provides installation flexibility
  • Multiple accessory options provide mounting flexibility
  • Sounder bases are compliant with UL 464 & UL 268

200 Series Mounting Base Options


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