System Sensor DH500F

Intelligent Duct Smoke Sensor Housing

Condition: New
Brand: System Sensor
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 8316
Manufacturer Part #: DH500F
Replacement: DNR


System Sensor premium duct detectors, Models DH500 and DH500ACDC, feature the superior capabilities of an intelligent sensor in a unit that is easy to install and maintain. The DH500 Series Duct Housing samples air currents passing through a duct and gives dependable performance for shutdown of fans, blowers, and air conditioning systems, preventing the spread of toxic smoke and fire gases through the protected area. Both Model DH500 and DH500ACDC duct housings can accommodate either the 1551B Intelligent Ionization Sensor or the 2551B Intelligent Photoelectronic Sensor. The twist-in, twist-out heads allow for quick and easy cleaning or application changes without removing the duct housing. These sensors communicate and are continuously monitored through the communication line. Detector sensitivity changes caused by dirt, smoke, temperature, or humidity are reported to the panel, allowing compensation algorithms to maintain the sensor’s set sensitivity. An advance indication at the panel specifies the sensor address, allowing for selected maintenance to be performed as needed.

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500 Series™ Intelligent Duct Smoke Detector


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