System Sensor F-A3384-000


Air filter Aspirating Detector

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Brand: System Sensor Part #: 81382 Category: Manufacturer Part #: F-A3384-000


The F-A3384-000 replacement air filter for the FAAST™ 8100 series aspiration detectors comes fully assembled and ready to use. It is a 30 micron filter designed specifically for use with the FAAST system.


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  • The P-LABEL-P and P-LABEL-T are rolls of 100 1” x 3” sampling point and pipe labels that caution trades from tampering with the pipe network. The P-LABEL-P is marked “Fire Detection System Sampling Point DO NOT PAINT.” The P-LABEL-T is marked “ SMOKE DETECTOR SAMPLING TUBE DO NOT DISTURB.”
  • 72 hours before the filter must be cleaned or replaced, the Series 8000 FAAST aspiration detector provides a minor fault. The filter, which resides under the language display card for easy access, can then be replaced by the F-A3384-000 replacement air filter. This filter includes a 30 micron filter element and plastic housing in a single module to reduce service time and labor.

F-A3384-000; Air Filter Assembly


System Sensor - Installation Manual