What’s Your Fire Safety Love Language? Take the Quiz


Which stat
ement speaks to you:

You MUST have your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors tested constantly!

The most important thing to stay protected in your home is maintaining those detectors. You value ACTS OF SERVICE. Whether it’s an expert coming in to do regular maintenance on your alarm, or your loved one changing out the batteries, the best thing that you can hear is “I got this” and direct action. That is why FireAlarm.com offers Pre-Maintenance and Semi-Annual Maintenance, Testing & Inspection Services designed to ensure your system continues to work properly. Leave the work to us!


You appreciate that alarm chirp!

You’re unique—you LOVE the sound of the battery chirp or when the smoke alarm goes off after your mother-in-law’s cooking. You value WORDS OF AFFIRMATION. To you, those sounds mean that your detectors are working to keep you safe! In fact, you love ANYTHING that alerts you to keep you safe. The best way to key into your fire safety love language is by working with services that TELL you how to stay safe. FireAlarm.com most recently offers 24/7 Emergency Answering Services and Emergency Central Station Connection Services. These allow contact with fire safety experts that speak directly to you!


You like experts who work hands-on!

You leave it to experts to deliver hands-on services to guarantee your home’s protection. You value PHYSICAL TOUCH. Luckily for you, fire alarm technical services are a very hands-on job. Whether it’s maintaining your system, repairing your system, or a variety of electrical work, FireAlarm.com offers the services to work with your safety needs!


You love a good upgrade!

The latest safety gadgets and laws are a must in your home. You are constantly getting the best safety technology as soon as it hits the shelves. You value GIFTS. Getting a new and improved fire alarm system would be a DREAM. Also lucky for you, we offer our renowned Fire Alarm System Upgrade Service to our customers!


You like it when experts dedicate their time to making your system work!

You love working with others to ensure the safety of your family and friends. You value QUALITY TIME. What if experts took the time to help you have a better understanding of fire safety in your home or business? With FireAlarm.com, it’s possible! We offer a variety of consultation and professional services designed to help you find the right safety measures for your home or business, as well as help you tackle difficult documentation related to fire codes.


Which one did you find yourself relating most to? Whatever it was, in this season of giving and thankfulness, know that FireAlarm.com has you covered.


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