Alarm Controls 1200LB

Single Door Magnetic Lock, w/ LED, Clear Anodized

  • Factory New
Brand: Alarm Controls Part #: 24695 Category: Manufacturer Part #: 1200LB


Bracket mounted magnetic lock with 1200 lbs of holding force that can be easily installed without special tools and used with any access control system. Ideal for high-use areas for traffic control in interior or exterior applications. Available with LED, bond sensor and door status signaling options.


Weight 0.4 lbs

Alarm Controls

Production Status



  • 1200S Standard magnetic lock
  • 1200L Magnetic lock with indicating LED
  • 1200LB Magnetic lock with indicating LED, bond sensor and door status sensor
  • Built-in arc suppression
  • Instant release, no hysteresis
  • Self-drilling TEC screws
  • Non-aluminum parts are plated to resist corrosion
  • E-Z mount header bracket and template provided for easy installation, no special tools required
  • Can be used with any access control system
  • Clear anodized (US28) finish standard
  • Limited lifetime warranty


1200S, 1200L, 1200LB; Single Magnetic Lock
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