Press Room

Our focus to facilitate the documentation and paper flow to our partners, consultants, distributors, electrical contractors, and technicians to provide the source and the right information to complete every job on time and on a budget. would like to help our clients with our portfolio of technologies, our brands and systems, while passing along extensive knowledge in the Fire & Life Safety industry. 

We aim to reach great scales of communication and exemplary coordination between all trades to fulfil the needs of our partners and professionals.

Please take your time to explore our media resources here at’s Press Room.  Photographs and video clips are available for the use of advertising when writing articles relating to, bids and to create presentations for design engineers, architects and consultants’ drawings. 

We have the technical expertise to provide the information that you, the expediters and the professionals need. We have to ability to file and approve jobs in the Local Building Department, Fire Department, State and Federal Agencies, as per all National and International Electrical Fire Codes. We provide training, seminars and conferences: the best learning methods.

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