Our Company

FireAlarm.com provides superior protection that far exceeds risk and is recognized as a true design build-company that provides innovation and true integration of technologies. FireAlarm.com offers expertise to professionals in our industry such as design, installation and maintenance of fire & life safety, and electrical systems.

As an experienced organization, FireAlarm.com delivers parts, smarts and integration to projects. From a project’s start, to its finish, FireAlarm.com trains, manages, and supports professionals to complete projects and ventures.

FireAlarm.com offers fire & life safety systems that are customized to fit the client’s diverse needs. Systems for a wide variety of other projects include: Turn-key installations, maintenance, sprinkler systems, and several other proactive approaches to preventing catastrophe can be implemented.

Our formula, maximizes protection while minimizing all potential risks, has served over 1,350 sites. FireAlarm.com has unparalleled knowledge of Federal, State, City, and authority having jurisdiction code and standards requirements. Our team of engineers and managers provide you with the ultimate comprehensive fire, life safety, and electrical contracting strategies while supplying you with the highest quality of protective technology available.

FireAlarm.com preserves our focus to obtain the best portfolio of technology and systems dedicated to protecting your assets, property, and your lives. This is, of course, fundamental! Our passion and commitment have resulted in the integration of products that has become a trusted name in the commercial, construction, home improvement, and industrial industry, as well as the maintenance and life safety markets.

Since its opening in 1999, FireAlarm.com has been dedicated to creating easy and quick solutions to finding the parts our clients need. In recent years, it has expanded into a team that feels like family. This expansion has led to our ability to provide more services and create a broader public face for our customers.

FireAlarm.com continues to surpass expectation with its hardworking and dedicated staff that specializes in finding and locating specific, new, and after-market fire and life safety parts for as many brands as possible, as quickly and efficiently as our clients need. Our portfolio of technologies, extensive knowledge, experience in this field, coupled with our devotion to excellence, will continue to lead us into a secure, technologically-driven future. FireAlarm.com has unmatched commitment and dedication to providing quality products and services. Our core strategies drive continuous innovation, operational improvement, and leadership development that continues to move us forward. 

Our mission is to leave our imprint on the world. With over 350 years of combined experience, FireAlarm.com has maintained a robust portfolio of the finest manufacturer’s brands in the world. This portfolio, combined with our brand, allows us to provide our clients products & services with superior quality, outstanding performance, greater security, higher productivity, and compelling technological innovation.

If You Have An Old System, or A "Dinosaur", You Need To Read This!

FireAlarm.com has many specialties, specifically the collection of old fire alarm system parts that are no longer manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), no longer supported by them, Last Call, Legacy Parts. FireAlarm.com’s most important attribute is how well-versed we are to provide and support many different manufacturers’ brands, including our own, specifically for you as our client. We have worked avidly to educate ourselves on how to keep older systems operational, giving them new life and longevity.

As the Fire & Life Safety industry continues to evolve, these Manufacturers are changing owners and are being bought and sold every other day. In contrast, these same manufacturers do not upgrade their brands. Soon after, other companies or competitors purchase these brands and either cease support or rebrand these systems & technologies. OEM’s obsolete their older brands to upgrade these old systems, as well as sell new parts and peripherals – FireAlarm.com specializes in these old systems. Because of this constant rebranding, most Fire Alarm System Manufacturer’s brands have continued to have shorter operational lifetimes and shorter support times.

FireAlarm.com collects old brands and knows the ins-and-outs better than the manufacturers themselves because of this quick obsoleting and lack-of-support by the manufacturer. FireAlarm.com continues to learn about these old, out-of-print brands to offer continued support and breathe new life into these old brands and systems.

Using this knowledge, FireAlarm.com can interconnect many different systems and brands, both old and new, together harmoniously, in a manner that continuously provides the best technology available to a given building or facility, without needing to replace an entire old system.

By doing this, imagine rebidding an entire fire alarm system install every ten years; this saves, FireAlarm.com’s clients a tremendous amount of money and saves people’s lives. We can keep old brands running and simultaneously upgrade these brands with our own and newer technologies – this results in extending their life.

FireAlarm.com is a fast-growing company developing to be a world leader in the Fire & Life Safety Industry.

By law, business-owners and companies, whether they are “commercial properties” or “tenants of residential properties” must have fire protection and early-warning detection systems. FireAlarm.com aims to provide all of this, along with the expertise and solutions, directly for you.

We provide improved methods for upgrades, repairs, maintenance & construction

While also providing solid infrastructure for government, commercial agencies, as well as facilities such as campuses and manufactures. FireAlarm.com is committed to our clients by rapidly implementing new and upcoming methods, while also following the acceleration of technological evolution of this industry through superior life safety.