Fire Alarm System Repair can help you repair your fire alarm system, no matter what state or condition your system is in. Our team can find the underlying cause of any alarm, trouble, or supervisory signal that your system may be showing – whether your system is an old, 30-year old dinosaur, or a brand-new system.

Temporary Fire Alarm System is proud to announce a new fire & life safety solution for you: our Temporary Fire Alarm System. When you rent or lease a Temporary Fire Alarm System from us, you can rest easy knowing that you and your building’s occupants are safe, no matter what changes your building, or your current fire alarm system may be currently undergoing.

Fire Watch

National Law and Codes dictate that a Fire Watch is to be put in place if a building’s fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system, or fire suppression system is out of order for a period to exceed four hours. Whether this is a pre-planned outage or not, it is important Fire Watch is instated in order to ensure your building, campus, or facility is properly protected from fire.

Fire Alarm System Upgrade is back with yet another new offer – introducing the easiest way to UPGRADE your fire alarm system with! Fire & Life Safety technology, like any technology, is rapidly evolving from day-to-day, and what most people don’t know is that it’s incredibly important not only to keep your system maintained, but to also upgrade it every 10 to 15 years to ensure that you are always protected. No one wants a “dinosaur” inside of their building!


Smoke Detector MATCH! Service

Introducing a revolutionary way for commercial buildings, campuses, industrial sites, and government-owned facilities to save incredible amounts of money on maintaining their fire alarm systems.

Pre-Maintenance Inspection

Pre-Inspections are extremely important! The purpose of the Fire Alarm System Pre-Maintenance Inspection is to visually and operationally inspect, test & evaluate the condition of the system. We will identify all system faults, troubles, alarms and any inoperable panels; peripherals, initiating and notification appliance devices, primary power & standby back up batteries.


Semiannual Maintenance, Testing & Inspection

Code compliance Fire Alarm System Semiannual Maintenance is required

Even though your fire alarm system is trouble free and fully functional and operational, NFPA-72 mandates & requires that Semiannual testing and inspection be performed by certified fire alarm system technicians on your fire alarm system. This (Preventative) Maintenance ensures that the fire alarm life safety system is in tip-top condition!


Fire Alarm System Installation can install your brand-new fire alarm system from start to finish. Whether you are constructing a new building, or are completely renovating your facility, or campus, can provide you with the latest tech in the fire and life safety world, with the most affordable brands tailored for you specifically.

Document Retrieval

Having all of the documentation required for a spot inspection by a FDNY field inspector is essential. Do not subject yourself to summons or fines! Using’s team of Engineers & Expeditors simplifies this extremely difficult task of navigating the Buildings Department and Fire Department to acquire the documentation you need!


Violation Resolution

Utilizing’s Engineers and Expeditors, we will go through the FDNY Violation Removal Process, as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible in order to clear any of your violations. Our experts investigate, research, evaluate and review the violations issued, and we provide clear and concise direction to clear them.

Fire Safety Director

Fire Codes require Fire Safety Directors (FSD) or a Responsible Owner/Representative for any commercial high-rise building, campus or industrial site. The primary and main duties of an FSD is to (a) Ensure that the Fire Department has been notified of any fire situations or fire alarm activations (b) Manning of the Fire Command Station (c) Direction of evacuation procedures in the Fire Safety Plan. Secondary duties include ensuring that all fire safety regulations are in compliance, and to implement and update a site-specific fire safety plan.