Altronix STRIKEIT4


Low Current Locking Device Power Controller / Power Supply/Charger, 24VDC @ 4A in-Rush, Aux. Output, FAI, 115VAC /230VAC, BC300 Enclosure

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Altronix StrikeIt4 will operate up to two (2) low current lock hardware devices simultaneously. It is designed to operate motorized electric latch retraction exit devices, electric strikes, mag-locks, electric mortise and cylindrical locksets, etc. Each lock output has an adjustable re-lock delay timer. It will control a pair of doors simultaneously, or independently control two single door leafs. StrikeIt4 has integrated output relays which trigger automatic door operators and control ADA activation push plates/accessories. In addition, one (1) 12VDC and one (1) 24VDC unswitched auxiliary voltage outputs are provided for powering ancillary devices. A configurable FACP interface will either remove or apply power from the lock outputs when activated. LED status indicators are provided to monitor input status, battery condition, AC power loss, and FACP status. Intelligent logic provides protection against accidental shorting of lock outputs.


Weight 7.15 lbs
Dimensions 13.50 × 13.00 × 3.25 in

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Low Current Locking Device Power Controller; StrikeIt4

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Low Current Locking Device Power Controller; StrikeIt4

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