Altronix T2MK7F8

8-Door Altronix/Mercury Access and Power Integration Kit – Trove2M2 with eFlow104NB, ACM8, VR6, PDS8

  • Factory New
Brand: Altronix Part #: 20353 Category: Manufacturer Part #: T2MK7F8


Altronix T2MK7F8 kit consists of Trove2 enclosure and TM2 Mercury/Altronix backplane with 24VDC @ 10A power supply/charger, 12VDC voltage regulator, eight (8) fuse protected output dual voltage power distribution module and eight (8) fuse protected output access control module. This kit also accommodates various combinations of Mercury boards for up to eight (8) doors in a single enclosure. Trove simplifies board layout and wire management, reduces installation time and labor costs.

*Compatible with these authentic Mercury partners: AccessNsite, Avigilon, BadgePass, BluBox, Feenics, Genetec, Identicard, IMRON, Johnson Controls, Kastle, Keri Systems, Lenel/S2, LockState, Maxxess, Midpoint Security, NLSS, Open Options, Panasonic Video Insight, Quintron, RS2, Schneider Electric, Vanderbilt


Weight 43.85 lbs
Dimensions 21.75 × 27.25 × 6.50 in




Access & Power Integration Solution; T2MK7F8
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