Altronix T3CVK77F20


20-Door Altronix/CDVI Access and Power Integration Kit – Trove3CV3 with 2-eFlow104NB, 2-ACM8, ACM4, PD8UL, RSB2 with 2-Rocker Switches

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Brand: Altronix Part #: 20812 Category: Manufacturer Part #: T3CVK77F20


Altronix T3CVK77F20 kit consists of Trove3 enclosure, TCV3 CDVI/Altronix backplane with two (2) 24VDC @ 10A power supply/chargers, two (2) 8-output fused access power controllers, one (1) 4-output fused access power controller and one (1) 8-output fused power distribution module. Also featured is a rocker switch bracket with two (2) rocker switches. This kit also accommodates various combinations of CDVI Atrium A22K/A22NB/ADH10 boards for up to twenty (20) doors in a single enclosure. Trove simplifies board layout and wire management, reduces installation time and labor costs.


Weight 59.70 lbs
Dimensions 36.12 × 30.12 × 7.06 in




Access & Power Integration Solution; T3CVK77F20
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