Det-Tronics GTSH2S+20PSKE (009471-860)


GTS Toxic Gas Sensor Module, KAZAKH, H2S, 0-20ppm Range

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GTS Toxic Gas Sensor Module housings are incorporated into the GTX toxic gas transmitter. The electrochemical cell is embedded in the module.


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  • Performance approved models
  • Plus (+) series sensors with dual reservoir technology and extended temperature range
  • Sensor modules are available in a variety of gas types and concentration ranges
  • Hot-swappable capabilities with the GTX transmitter
  • Easy install and removal with the GTX transmitter
  • Intrinsically safe (IS) design
  • SIL models available for Hydrogen Sulfide and Oxygen sensors
  • DNV models available with Hydrogen Sulfide sensors
  • Suitable for outdoor applications requiring IP66 rating
  • Electrochemical sensor cell for increased accuracy, stability, and reliability
  • Highly specific response reduces the chance of false alarms resulting from the presence of other gases
  • Temperature compensated to ensure consistent performance over entire operating temperature range
  • Hydrophobic filter easily replaced without opening the device or use of tools
  • EMI/RFI hardened
  • Event and calibration logs are stored in non-volatile memory and are accessible using a UD10/ UD20, HART device, or AMS software.
  • FDT/DTM capable
  • Real-time clock with battery back-up

Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detector GT3000 Series Includes Transmitter (GTX) and Sensor Module (GTS)


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