Det-Tronics LS2000SM18LMSE1S (012731-553)


LS2000, Complete Gas Detector Systems, SIL/ATEX/IECEx, Long Range, Methane Target Gas

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Manufacturer Part #: LS2000SM18LMSE1S
Secondary Part #: 012731-553


The FlexSight™ Line-of-Sight Infrared Hydrocarbon Gas Detector model LS2000 is a gas detection system that provides continuous monitoring of combustible hydrocarbon gas concentrations in the range of 0–5 LFL-meters, over a distance of 5–120 meters. Standard system outputs include an electrically isolated/non-isolated 4-20 mA DC current output, with HART communication and RS-485 Modbus communication. Alarm and fault relays are available as an option. The system consists of two stainless steel modules — a transmitter and a receiver, along with mounting fixture hardware. Both modules are powered from an external 24-volt DC supply. The receiver provides the measurement signal outputs, and is furnished with onboard “status indication” LEDs and an internal magnetic calibration switch. The transmitter houses a high-quality xenon flash lamp.

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  • ± 0.8 degree misalignment tolerance (~±56cm @ 40m; ~±168cm @ 120m)
  • IR source: High performance, long lasting xenon flashlamp – 10 year warranty on IR source
  • Large detection coverage area (detection range 5–120 meters)
  • Maximum distances and proper operation verified with 95% signal obscuration
  • Global compliance to FM6325, ISA-12.13.04, EN 60079-29-4, and IEC 60079-29-4 performance standards
  • Certified SIL 2 capable
  • Third party performance certified and factory calibrated to Methane, Butane, and Propane
  • Microprocessor controlled heated optics for increased resistance to moisture and ice
  • Standard 4–20 mA output (configurable), HART communication, RS-485 Modbus
  • Optional alarm relays (Ex d only)
  • Mounting hardware and alignment brackets included
  • Mounts to pole (4.5” nominal OD) or flat surface
  • Built-in locking adjusters deliver fine control of alignment angles
  • Telescope is the only tool needed for optimal alignment
  • Multi-color LEDs are provided on both modules for detailed visual indication of operating status
  • Non-intrusive zero calibration options: on-board magnetic switch, Modbus communication, HART communication, or external switch
  • Optional 475 field communicator unit for communication, diagnostic, and set up from point to point
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance
  • EQP compatible version available.

FlexSight™ LS2000 Line-of-Sight Infrared Hydrocarbon Gas Detector


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