Det-Tronics X3302A4N23T1 (029032-002)

X3302 Multispectrum Infrared Flame Detector – SIL 2

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Brand: Det-Tronics
Status: Active
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Manufacturer Part #: X3302A4N23T1
Secondary Part #: 029032-002


The Enhanced X3302 brings state-of-the-art IR flame detection to the difficult task of detecting invisible hydrogen flames. Focusing on the waterband IR emissions of hydrogen flame, the Enhanced X3302 overcomes the limited detection range and false alarm tendencies of other flame detectors by employing field proven multispectrum infrared (MIR) technology. The result is unsurpassed flame sensitivity with discrimination of non-flame sources in situations where traditional flame detectors are unsuitable. Utilizing the Enhanced X3301’s multi-patented* signal processing algorithms, the Enhanced X3302 provides a breakthrough in flame detection/surveillance of hazardous materials that produce mostly water vapor, and little or no Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the combustion process. The detection capability of the Enhanced X3302 is double that of traditional UV and UVIR detectors. At the same time, it attains solar resistance and insensitivity to artificial lights, lightning, and “blackbody” radiation, which still plague other detection technologies.

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  • Eagle Quantum Premier model
  • Models available with SIL 2 certification
  • Multiple sensitivities and certified performance to Hydrogen, Methane, Syngas and Methanol
  • Terminal block allows for Class X Pathway Designation per NFPA 72
  • 125 feet on axis and 100 feet off axis detection range for hydrogen fire
  • Microprocessor controlled heated optics, enable optimal performance in adverse environments
  • Data logger for event time and date stamping
  • Optional HART output, AMS aware, and FDT/DTM capable
  • Automatic oi (optical integrity) continuously verifies each sensors ability to detect fire
  • Calibrated manual testing/magnetic oi, no test lamp required
  • Four conduit entries for easy installation
  • Division Approval Ratings: FM and CSA
  • Zone Approval Ratings: FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx
  • Tricolor LED on detector faceplate indicates detector status condition

Multispectrum IR Flame Detector; Model X3302 Enhanced


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