Ceiling Mount PIR and Glassbreak Detector, Form ‘A’ alarm contact, form ‘C’ alarm contact

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Brand: DSC FireAlarm.com Part #: 50854 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: BV-500GB


The Bravo 5GB is a ceiling mount motion and glassbreak detector in one housing designed to provide reliable protection for residential and commercial applications. The Bravo 5GB uses a special Fresnel lens made for 360° detection in conjunction with a quad element PIR sensor optimized for uniform detection all around its field of view. Special attention is given to false alarm immunity against RF, static, electrical transient to ensure trouble free operation for many years.

The Bravo 5GB is integrated with an advanced microprocessor based glass break sensor, designed to detect the sounds produced by the shattering of framed glass. The glassbreak detection scheme used on Bravo 5GB is a result of an extensive research program, designed to study the properties of glass as well as the properties of sounds produced by the shattering of framed glass. The Bravo 5GB offers a benefit of having motion and glassbreak detectors in one housing for many applications where both protections are required in the same room.


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  • 360° coverage
  • High level static and transient protection
  • Excellent RF immunity

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Bravo 5GB; Ceiling Mount PIR and Glassbreak Detector

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