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Dual PIR Motion Detector, Form A alarm contact

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Brand: DSC FireAlarm.com Part #: 50855 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: BV-600


The Bravo 6 is a specialized twin dual PIR motion sensor which emphasizes immunity from false alarms caused by pets. The Bravo 6 is equipped with a specially designed lens which enables the detector to discriminate between humans and small to mid-sized pets. Exceptional design care and factory testing ensure years of trouble free performance. Immunity against false alarms from RF, static, electrical transients and white light are all DSC designed in features. Multi-Level Signal Processing, temperature compensation and large multi-beam lens design means the human target will not slip by unnoticed even on a hot summer day.

Wall or corner mounting and vertical adjustment provide application versatility, and your client will appreciate the small size and elegant simplicity of the case design.


Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × 2.76 × 4.90 in





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  • Immune to pets under 2.5 ft/0.75 m (up to 85 lbs/38 kg)
  • Microprocessor bases
  • Advanced Multi-Level Signal (MLS) Processing
  • Twin, dual element, low noise sensors
  • High level static protection
  • High level transient protection
  • UV stable lens
  • High level of white light immunity
  • Excellent RF immunity
  • DSC Temperature compensation circuitry
  • Harsh/Normal environment jumper
  • LED on/off jumper
  • Vertical adjustment
  • SMD construction
  • Super quiet operation
  • Wall/Corner mounting
  • Blends with any decor
  • Compact size

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Bravo 6; Dual PIR Motion Detector

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