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Wireless PG O/D Motion with Camera 433Â Â

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PowerG Outdoor PIR Motion Detector with Integrated Camera offers comprehensive solution for property owner’s needs for accurate intruder detection with minimum false alarms. It features technologies designed to overcome demanding outdoor challenges such as rain, direct sunlight, animals, changes of light levels and severe temperatures. Activated upon PIR detection or on-demand, the detector can also send clear black & white or color images to the Monitoring Station for alarm image verification. PowerG Wireless Outdoor PIR also supports anti-masking. The anti-masking feature prevents intruders from defeating the detector by covering its field of view.

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Weight 1.32 lbs
Dimensions 6.2 × 5.8 × 4.9 in



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  • Enables real-time visual alarm verification, day and night
  • Full color, high-resolution images transmitted from the premises via Cellular or Ethernet
  • 8 independent quad PIR detectors (Octa-QUAD) operating in true Quad configuration with true motion recognition processing for each of detectors
  • Camera range in parallel to PIR coverage – no “lost” areas
  • CMOS camera with IR illumination – operates also in total darkness
  • Instant capture – ensures image recordings start immediately
  • Camera range: 39 ft. (as detector); with IR illumination 32 ft.
  • Vandal-resistant design through patented V-Slot technology
  • Smart anti-masking distinguishes between masking spray and rain
  • Pet-immune – Target Specific Imaging™ distinguishes between humans and pets weighing up to 40 lbs.
  • Low battery indication
  • Compatible with PowerSeries Neo, PowerSeries Pro and Qolsys panels


PG9944/8944/4944; Installation Instructions
DSC – Installation Instructions


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