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Modem/Dialer (DACT) version

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The Modem Communicator is a two-way local rail module that performs a variety of off-premise communications functions for the system.

Using the latest in digital signal processing (DSP) techniques, the Modcom provides off premise communication features unavailable on any other system.

The module has provisions for supervising two loop-start telephone lines. The module features a modular jack for telephone line connections. The Modcom’s configuration and firmware can also be updated from any network node.

Modcom series modules occupy a single local rail space and can be mounted in any panel on the network. Most system Control/ Display modules can be mounted in front of the Modcom series module. Power for the Modcom is supplied by the system power supply.

The Modcom provides an enhanced level of survivability in the event of a network CPU failure by notifying the Central Monitoring Station of the failure and entering a degraded mode of operation. In degraded mode, the Modcom can transmit a default fire alarm message during a fire alarm condition.

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  • Listed for fire and security
  • V.32bis 14.4K full duplex modem
  • Digital alarm communicator transmitter supporting: DIA DCS protocol, Contact ID protocol, 3/1 and 4/2 pulse format protocol
  • Supports “tap” alphanumeric pager protocol
  • Fully programmable messages
  • Alarm override of upload/download
  • Two phone line capability
  • Field upgradable firmware
  • Split and multiple reporting to as many as 80 different receivers
  • 255 subscriber accounts
  • Supports control/display modules
  • Supervised by the network controller
  • Supports Cellular communications


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Modem Communicator; 3-MODCOM, 3-MODCOMP


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